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Rugby Drills

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Session of the Week
1st session back - Handling Refresher
Review your players' fundamentals with this welcome back session - improving their passing, catching and ball carrying skillslearn more

Rugby Pitch Templates

Full Pitch Template

Team Sheet Template

Two Pitches Template
: 3 vs 2 - Support Running - Match Related
Match Related
: Capture and Escape - Evasion and Tackling Game - Match Related
Match Related
: Ruck, Setup, Steal - Ruck
: Ruck Defence - Ruck
: Counter Ruck - Ruck
: Bulldog on knees - Tackling
: Continuous break - Match Related
Match Related
: Maul Rip in a circle - Maul
: Mini Maul Technique - Maul
: Flat Defence - Defensive Patterns
Defensive Patterns
: Ram Raid - Maul
: 2 x Hit then pass - Contact Skills
Contact Skills
: Speed Maul - Hands on! - Maul
: Attack until youre tackled - Off Loads
Off Loads
: Simple tackle - Contact Skills
Contact Skills
: Keep Ball - Tag Rugby
Tag Rugby
: Running an overline - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: ENTER 4 - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: Passing Race - Handling
: ENTER 3 - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: ENTER 2 - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: ENTER 1 - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: Choose the hole - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: Connaught - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: ALPHA - Backs Moves
Backs Moves
: Ten passes then... - Handling
: 5 v 5 tag rugby - Practices for Juniors
Practices for Juniors
: How to talk to juniors - Practices for Juniors
Practices for Juniors
: 123 Play Divots - Warm Up
Warm Up
: 3 Second Touch - Touch Rugby Variation - Warm Up
Warm Up
: All In Touch - Warm Up
Warm Up
: Ball Tag - Practices for Juniors
Practices for Juniors
: Rucking - Ruck
: Bank Robbers - Warm Up
Warm Up
: Piston Jumping - Lineout
: Regain possession - Handling
: Hula Slalom Relay - Handling
: Decision Making Exercise - Decision making
Decision making
: Union Jack - Agility Running Skills
Agility Running Skills
: The Three S Drill (Speed, Swerve and Sidestep) - Agility Running Skills
Agility Running Skills
: Switch - Agility Running Skills
Agility Running Skills
: Speed Pass - Agility Running Skills
Agility Running Skills

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